Friday 25 September 2015

Branded Shot Glasses as Marketing Gift

When you're searching for a great idea to promote your drinks company or your event with a marketing gift, do it with branded shot glasses, like the example from Sandra Young.

These branded shot glasses are perfect for events as gifts, or to add value to a purchase of your drinks product. The applications span wide, all ways to increase profitability for your business. But the question remains, what are the benefits of marketing gifts like this one?

Marketing Gifts - The Key Benefits

  • Brand Activation - This benefit is the most obvious for good reason, it makes your company more potent in the marketplace, effectively bringing brand awareness through clever branding. Used as a gift with purchase, your consumers will use a product like this on a regular basis. 
  • Customer Retention - Perhaps less obvious, but still powerful. Consumers are more likely to return their custom when they are delighted with a purchase, below the line marketing like this is a great way to delight your consumers.
  • Word of Mouth Marketing - Following on from the previous benefit, when consumers are delighted, they spread the word of a great purchase or company. Promotional products like a branded shot glass can do just this.
Interested in learning more? Visit the marketing gifts blog. Here you can find tailored examples for many industries, focused on promotional gifts.

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