Tuesday 8 September 2015

Gift with Fragrance Purchase: Jimmy Choo Shoe Case

Jimmy Choo is a popular shoe brand most know well. They are expanding their marketing efforts with their recent addition to the brand of fragrances. Cara Pharamacy are complimenting a purchase of Jimmy Choo's  fragrance with a free gift with purchase, a shoe box!

Add Gift with Fragrance Purchase: Jimmy Choo Shoe Case
This case of a marketing gift is a great example of how using promotional products can increase sales. However this example is even greater, as it cross fertilizes sales to other branches of the brand. Not only will this increase the sales of the fragrance the added value to the consumer, but it also compliments Jimmy Choo shoes with a case for them. Increasing the eco system of Jimmy Choo by increasing sales in both shoes and fragrances is achieved here, all with one great promotional gift.

A box like this as a gift also increases the perceived value of Jimmy Choo shoes. This is because it suggests that the shoes are worthy of a case to protect them when you take them off, suggesting extreme quality. Something to be Cherished.

Promotional gifts like this lead to increased profit through sales, a great affordable way for any business to expand their marketing potential. To find out more information on Marketing Gifts, you can visit the Marketing Gifts blog with many more examples to be seen!

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