Wednesday 9 September 2015

Redemption gift from Dove on Amazon

To raise their sales on Amazon, Dove started to offer a silk scarf as redemption gift. Dove offers this box with 2 of their products in it and the scarf is in the box as redemption gift.

Redemption gift from Dove on Amazon

What are the benefits of this promotion?

Firstly, Dove will surly increase their sales by influencing the consumer directly in the store with this redemption gift. An other great benefit is that this box is a great example of a below the line promotion, to enhance you costumer retention. 

Redemption gift from Dove on Amazon
Mainly, promotional products like this silk scarf are a fantastic way to promote your company and your products. The client will always think of the brand and the products, when he wears the scarf, which will have a direct impact on your costumer retention and product recognition.

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