Thursday 10 September 2015

Hugo Boss Marketing Gift: Free Aluminum Drinks Bottle

A Gift with purchase is a great way to increase your sales on a particular item. Hugo Boss are doing just this, with any purchase of their fragrance they are giving away this aluminum drinks bottle. Masculine and functional, this is representative of their brand and will no doubt benefit their business in more ways than sales.

Hugo Boss Marketing Gift: Free Aluminum Drinks Bottle

A gift with purchase increases sales by adding value to your product and increasing the perceived value of it to your consumers. But other than this obvious benefit, how else can Marketing Gifts like this benefit your business? 

3 Less Obvious Marketing Gifts Benefits For  Your Business: 

  • Customer Retention - When you show an effort to connect with your customers, by offering gifts with purchase, it will certainly increase the likelihood of them returning to use your products or services again.
  • Brand Exposure - Consumers that are delighted with the product or service are likely to tell others about how great it was. Word of mouth marketing is powerful, and with a gift with purchase, you can delight your customers and achieve increased brand exposure.
  • More Brand activation - Your gifts to your consumers are customizable. This means branding is available on this gift itself, bringing brand activation via exposure to potential consumers.
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