Saturday 12 September 2015

Marketing Gift by HKTDC: Power Bank!

HKTDC (Hong Kong Trade Development Council) are giving away a power bank to buyers of their services. They are increasing sales of their service by doing this, as the Power bank is something the average consumer of HKTDC would use. Phones running out of power is a big problem for those out on the move, and the ability to use online services on phones is a must for traveling professionals. Certainly a great marketing gift, in line with the core competencies of HKTDC's professional business services.

Power Banks are always great gifts for the average consumer, the daily usability of them is great, this presents a lot of opportunity for your business' marketing efforts.

The Benefits of using Marketing Gifts like Power Banks

  • Brand Exposure - With consumers using a power bank on the move, in cafes, on the bus and at work; your brand is exposed via the branding available on the power bank itself. This is great to bringing awareness to your company, and thus increasing sales indirectly.
  • Customer Retention - When consumers feel as though you have them in mind, by having gifts that are relevant to them, they are more likely to return to using your service over your competitors. This is a great example of this by HKTDC keeping their consumers in mind by using a gift in line with their core competencies.
  • Increased profit - The benefits mentioned, both direct and indirectly increase the profitability of your business by using a marketing gift like this power bank

If your interested about learning more about Marketing Gifts, and the benefits of using them for your profitability, then visit the Marketing Gifts Blog to read on.

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