Tuesday 29 September 2015

Marketing Gifts: BioActive Nutrients Giveaways

BioActive Nutrients is a quality vitamins and dietary supplements company that support healthy living. The company have implemented a Giveaway marketing strategy of not one but two free products, a branded shaker cup and a pot of berry good greens. By offering these two giveaways will help create brand awareness and ultimately have a positive effect on sales.

Marketing Gifts: BioActive Nutrients Giveaways
Particularly for a small company a giveaway can be a more a successful way to advertise your product compared to gift purchase. This is because if a company doesn't have the scope of existing customers they will not even buy the purchase of the product in the first place therefore they won't have the benefits from the gift. As a result giving away the gifts is a much more successful way for small companies.

These gifts will have a number of specific benefits for a company wishing to use this kind of technique.

Firstly, this campaign helps attract new potential customer's who before may not have interested in the brand. Secondly it leads to higher brand exposure, therefore improves brand awareness. Specifically with the branded shaker cup, this is a type of product which will be regularly used meaning many others will see the brand on the shaker cup therefore exposing the brand further, resulting in a increased number of potential sales. Finally there'll be an increase in brand image, by providing free gifts without any purchase will increase increase satisfaction of the potential customers and look positively on the brand.

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