Tuesday 13 October 2015

Effective Giveaway's at Comic Con New York

Comic Con New York provides a perfect platform for companies to present giveaways to potential customers. An exhibition on this magnitude will undoubtedly give the desired effect to the company implementing this type of campaign. In this case Garden State Comic Fest, a comic festival events business are giving away 100 ToteBags at this years New York comic con.

As Garden State Comic Fest are also a comic events company, they're looking to attract similar customers to their event through promotional products. By offering free TotesBags will provide them with many added benefits.

Any company wishing to implement free promotional products will gain greater awareness for their brand. Particularly at huge events where more potential customers will see the brand and be aware of the company.

Furthermore targeting events like this are also a much more effective way to advertise. As Garden State have almost identical customers, they won't run the risk of offering the gifts to the wrong group of people so therefore they're more likely to get the desired affects. Such as increased satisfaction, positive word of mouth and customer retention.

Overall this is a great example of a giveaway campaign. If you're curious about giveaway's and other forms of promotional products then visit our blog here or contact us at Marketing Gifts.

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