Thursday 15 October 2015

Cartoon Network Free Gifts With Magazine

Cartoon Network the well known cartoon television channel in the UK, are utilizing the benefits of marketing gifts by giving away a free gift with purchase of their magazine, "Spy spex". This will undoubtedly positively impact the sales of the magazine both directly and indirectly. Ultimately increasing profits.

The Benefits of Marketing Gifts like this one:

Utilizing effective marketing gifts like these "Spy Spex" bring many benefits to firms all in all trickling down to positively impact the profitability of a firm on the front line of sales: 

Pester Power Potential - With a gift like this, targeting children as the end user, pester power potential is increased. When a child is browsing a shop with this on display, they are likely to encourage a purchase from their parents or carers.

Customer Retention - Marketing Gifts in general certainly increase customer retention due to the fact that when a customer is delighted with a purchase, they are more likely to return their custom in the future. 

Below the Line Marketing - When marketing is through non conventional means such as this, it is more memorable to the consumer. Effectively igniting brand activation, making a purchase that much more likely.
All these benefits compliment and impact eachother, marketing gifts should be an essential part of your marketing strategy.

If your interested in marketing gifts, and how they can benefit your firm; visit the marketing gift blog to find out more. 

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