Thursday 22 October 2015

#SmellOfSummer ingenious brand activation campaign with giveaways

British brand Holiday Autos came up with the genius idea for brand activation campaign. The #SmellOfSummer campaign was meant to remind people of the best moments they had during summer through the sense of smell. The company created a Twitter vending machine and filled it up with scented bottles with the smell of Pina colada, barbecue, fresh cut grass etc. This campaign is a great example of sensory marketing, when the promotion is designed to appeal to one or more human senses in order to influence customer's purchasing behavior.

What are the outcomes of this brand activation campaign?

Brand activation campaigns are often based on creative idea and are relatively inexpensive comparing to other promotional activities. This particular campaign had only a vending machine and the set of scented plastic bottles, but the outcome of this brand activation is hard to ignore. It has generated enormous brand awareness, hashtag used went viral and campaign had a massive online and offline media coverage. Generating media buzz around the brand is one of the best benefits of creative brand activation that is capable of improving brand awareness and image significantly.

This campaign was keen on bringing back the memories of summer holidays, therefore encouraging people to book a new trip. As a result of this campaign the sales, brand awareness and customer retention rate have increased dramatically.  

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