Tuesday 27 October 2015

Gift with purchase: Brown Thomas offers free Barbour Item

Brown Thomas, an Irish lifestyle store are offering a premium gift with purchase in order to win over consumers. By spending €200 or more counsumer can take way a free Barbour Purse. This is a fantastic marketing strategy that will bring about many benefit for any company effectively implementing it. By offering such a prestigious and luxury branded item it will help to boost the effects of a gift with purchase strategy.

The Key Benefits in Implementing Gift with Purchase 

  • Increased Satisfaction - When customer notice the free gift with purchasers the satisfaction with the precept will increase as everyone loves a free gift! Particularly when the gift is of high quality like this example.
  • Brand Activation - This benefit is the most obvious for good reason, it makes your company more prominent in the marketplace, effectively bringing brand awareness. Everyone loves a gift!
  • Positive Word of Mouth - Following on from the previous benefit, when consumers are delighted, they spread the word to friends, family and associates about the great offering form the company. Promotional products such as this are great at producing positive word of mouth.
  • Retention - Perhaps less obvious, but still important. Consumers are more likely to return their custom when they are happy with purchase. 

Ultimately, these benefits will help make a company who uses this strange prosper by adding new customers and increasing sales in the long-run.

If you want to learn more about free gifts and how they benefit a company then you can visit the Marketing Gifts Blog to learn more. 

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