Monday 15 February 2016

Bliss FREE Gifts with Purchase

Roses are red, violets are blue, buy up to US$100 from Bliss, and this free gift will come to you!

Bliss FREE Gifts with Purchase

No, this is not a lame excuse to try our poetic skills in the cheesiest way possible. It really is true that when you purchase a hundred bucks’ worth of merchandise at the Bliss online shop, you will be able to get this marvelous gift bag – with products shown in the picture – for FREE.

Why is it a conceivable marketing strategy?
  1. It’s realistic. You don’t need a lump sum of money before you can have these gifts, that’s why it can charm more and more people into purchasing any product they want to use or try out.
  2. It’s essential. The free travel bag is essential, because it is quite troublesome to simply stash your cosmetics and other beauty regimen wherever it fits in the person’s bag. You will more likely lose or forget something if you do it this way. However, since the gift with purchase is already on-hand, that person can put all his or her grooming necessities in the travel bag, and be out and about in a heartbeat.
  3. It’s a great deal. Be reminded that Bliss is giving out a FREE travel bag full of Bliss products, so aside from what the customers are paying for, they also get other stuff that they may not know they need at first. So, yes, it is such an excellent deal.
  4. It brings in more income. This is the end goal for this marketing strategy – to bring in more income – and the brand can achieve it because of the great deal they offer to the consumers.

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