Nestlé Products in a Red Promotional Bag

Nestlé is one of the most trusted (and most profitable) brands in the Philippines. Moms love to whip up desserts with all-purpose cream, dads use creamer in their coffee, and kids always get excited when they see a chocolate drink in their snack box.

Now, what happens if all these products can be bought as a whole in one promotional bag?

Nestlé Products in a Red Promotional Bag

Advantages of Promotional Packs
  • Affordability and Sensibility. Ever seen the movie Cheaper by the Dozen? What the title suggests sort of applies to a promo package, as consumers really get the goods at a discounted price when not purchased singly. The idea of pre-packing everything in a bag will also cut back the time that the buyer has to spend in the store while still scoring revenue – a win-win situation for both parties.
  • Booming Sales. It goes without saying that the more reasonably priced a brand is, the more items can be sold.
  • Increased Customer Loyalty. Since the brand has already established that it is capable of selling its merchandise in a hassle-free manner, the consumers will often be on the lookout for products manufactured by this brand.
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