Monday 15 February 2016

On-Pack Promo from Nestlé: Choco Ice Surprise Mug

Youngsters who love to sip on a cold chocolate drink that they can prepare and stir on their own mug will definitely swoon over this on-pack promo brought to the Philippines by none other than Nestlé Bear Brand Choco.

Bear Brand has been circulating in stores nationwide and gives more nutrition to many Filipinos for decades, this new variety – Bear Brand Choco – has been launched awhile back, to the newer generation’s delight.

On-Pack Promo from Nestlé: Choco Ice Surprise Mug

Nestlé Can Benefit from This On-Pack Promo In 3 Ways:
  1. Brings in More Sales. The thought that a brand is continuously thinking of freebies to add to their regular merchandise from time to time gives good vibes to consumers. This is what attracts more sales. 
  2. Spreads Brand Awareness. The free mug has the big brown bear on its exterior, which is widely known as the mascot of Bear Brand. When kids see their little friends drinking from it, they will want one for themselves as well, and the parents will more likely go to the store and buy it.
  3. Provides Positive Experience. This Nestlé’s on-pack promo provides excellent experience to the customers because they know that when they purchase this, they will get more than what they have expected.

This is one example of a free gift with purchase. If you are having a hard time constructing your own brand’s marketing strategy, go visit our blog or contact us at Marketing Gifts, why don’t you?

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