NUXE Tote Bag - Free Gift with Purchase

NUXE Paris is one of the top go-to brands for the ones who want to make sure that the products they use to maintain healthy, smooth and blemish-free skin are not highly comprised of ingredients that come from the animals and at an affordable price. This brand originated from France, yet you can order from their online site and even get an absolutely FREE tote bag if your purchase goes up to US$70.
NUXE Tote Bag - Free Gift with Purchase

3 Good Things about this Free Gift
  • Functional. A free bag of this size is highly functional for female yuppies (young professionals) who need to bring some files in the office but do not want to be arrested by the fashion police for being caught carrying around an unsightly bag. This is fashionable, quite sparkly, and can match almost any outfit.
  • Increases Sales. NUXE products are all reasonable. For 70 bucks, customers can get approximately 4 items. Well, make that 5 now, thanks to the free gift, and this multitude of merchandise can propel the number of sales up.
  • Brings in Loyal Customers. If the brand keeps this promo up for a long time, loyal customers will come pouring in, as they feel great about getting more free stuff from their trusted brand.

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