Tuesday 16 February 2016

DECLÉOR Men’s Skincare – Gift with Purchase

A brand like DECLÉOR that is persistent on creating skin-enhancing products for both men and women – and giving away branded gift upon purchase – is a thoughtful and clever one. For men especially, being able to purchase something from a reputable skincare company is essential because of their constant exposure to dirt and other harmful substances in general.

DECLÉOR Men’s Skincare – Gift with Purchase

Why is DECLÉOR Men’s Skincare gift with purchase beneficial for the company’s well-being?
  • It fuels more deals. Two factors can fuel more deals for this brand: price and freebie. This particular collection costs ₤55 when sold individually at the DECLÉOR website. But when purchased this way, it becomes ₤33. Isn’t that a discount that’s worthy of anyone’s attention?
  • It amps up customer experience. One thing that most men do not like is being caught with ‘beauty products’, even though those are intended for their use. Therefore, this gift with purchase lets them conceal all that in a manly cosmetic bag that
  • It improves brand name. Basically, due to the two benefits already mentioned above, the brand can retain or improve other people’s knowledge about the products it houses. The free gift that buyers have received will be brought up to their peers in one way or another, so that is extra promotion for the brand.

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