Tuesday 16 February 2016

Branded Gift with Purchase from NUXE Paris

When you want to promote brand, you want to do it with class. Simply sending out flyers on the sidewalk or at the mall will only contribute to the reduction of the number of trees and increase of garbage in the world because, really, how can a paper ad interest the millennials of this electronic age?

This is the reason why a branded vanity bag for men from NUXE Paris is a far better promotional idea than any other printed material. Allow us to share below its good points to you.

Gift with Purchase from NUXE Paris

  • Affordable. Consumers can avail a branded gift AND a mini shower gel when they purchase any NUXE merchandise amounting to US$40. Even men who do not have much to spend for such products will be lured to grab it.
  • Boosts Sales. Not all cosmetic companies offer a deal as good as this, so the sales are really going to rise. Girlfriends or wives may also find it ideal, because while they get something for themselves, their boyfriends or husbands will get the branded freebie.
  • Boosts Brand Awareness. The free gift with purchase has the NUXE Men brand attached to its front part. This ensures that the awareness towards the brand will expand, especially when the colleagues of the men who decide to use this bag see its durability and practicality.

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