Wednesday 17 February 2016

EXCLUSIVE Burt’s Bees Summer Medley Gifts with Purchase

Whoever claimed that you can’t have it all is oblivious of the truth that there is always an exemption to the rule – the one that does not follow the status quo. A suitable example for this is Burt’s Bees, which is a company that manufactures cosmetic products from natural ingredients.

They actually have on sale right now a Summer Medley Grab Bag which can exclusively be found at Burt’s Bees online shop. This special tin box encloses a loofah pouf and a coin purse as gifts with purchase, together with the other merchandise.
EXCLUSIVE Burt’s Bees Summer Medley Gifts with Purchase

How are Gifts with Purchase Profitable for this Brand?
  • Inspires Impulse Purchase. Gifts with purchase often seem like eye-candy for consumers who are mindful of the products’ price. It also helps that the word ‘limited’ is in conjunction to the merchandise, so Burt’s Bees’ clientele may impulsively hit the Add to Cart button while this is still in stock. In the end, you don’t come across inexpensive deals from a proven-and-tested company on a daily basis.
  • Improves Brand Consciousness. More freebies that can be given after purchase means more stuff can be shared to promote brand awareness.
  • Wins Over New Customers. The current consumers you have are not alone in this lifetime. They have friends; they have family members. And these people can be your customers too if you add knickknacks with your products, just like what Burt’s Bees does.

Now, it’s your turn build up your company or brand with the help of gift with purchase or other promotional ideas. Find out how you can do that by visiting our blog or contacting us at Marketing Gifts.

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