Wednesday 17 February 2016

Emma Hardie Gift with Purchase

It was 1996 when Emma Hardie began making a name for herself in the beauty industry with her revolutionary and natural lifting and sculpting facial product. It is 2016 already, and she is still introducing unique merchandise that can rejuvenate a person’s skin using non-invasive chemicals. As a matter of fact, on her website, there is an Amazing Face Kit for novices which you can avail for only ₤23.

Nonetheless, it’s not the starter kit that we are mainly interested at, because a FREE travel bag that has Emma Hardie’s initials is also included the package.

Emma Hardie Gift with Purchase

What’s So Special about this Gift with Purchase?
  • Within Anyone’s Budget. Who does not get excited when they realize they will be receiving more than the cash that has come out of their wallet? A cosmetic set that’s at an inexpensive price is great already, but the free gift that goes with it is like an icing on the cake. Very sweet.
  • Knock-out Travel Bag. If you want to catch the attention of other people with your brand, remember that quality is greater than quantity. With Emma Hardie’s gift with purchase, it’s quite obvious that she wants to portray the brand as natural, immaculate and with no-frills, which is so appealing to the consumers.
  • Increase Brand Visibility. The visibility of the brand will increase due to the free travel bag that can be used constantly anywhere. More people will get a good look at it, and hopefully become curious enough to go to Emma Hardie’s online shop and get one for themselves as well.

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