Wednesday 17 February 2016

Gift with Purchase from Christian Dior - Free Cosmetic Bag

February may be the love month, but it does not have to be the only time to show extra tenderness and caring to your wife or girlfriend. We all know that love is the greatest gift that one can have; however, giving material stuff that your love partner can enjoy immensely is a luxury you can afford to give to her from time to time.

If you agree with us, you can get a Christian Dior SE Perfume Set at Lazada, an online store with branches in the Asia Pacific region. A branded and totally free cosmetic bag is attached to this set – something that your woman can put into good use. Yet, it’s not only the consumers who benefit from this.
Gift with Purchase from Christian Dior - Free Cosmetic Bag

Benefits that Dior Gets Through Gift with Purchase
  • Big, Big Profit. Dior is already a huge name in the fashion industry. All the materials they use are high-end, so their price range is expected to be more posh than usual. But since there’s a free merchandise that comes with the perfume set, there’s more likelihood that it will attract more profit for the brand. After all, this is a branded cosmetic bag that’s in the bag. And it’s D-I-O-R.
  • Preserves the Brand’s Social Status. If a person is caught with any Dior product, even if she has spent most of her savings on it and is now living off of eggs and potatoes until her next salary, she will still be classified as high-class. Why? Because that’s how the brand is perceived in the society for decades now. And because the branded cosmetic bag does not look cheap either, the brand’s social status is therefore preserved.
  • Reaches More Potential Consumers. This cosmetic bag does not essentially need a bigger bag to hold it, since its size is good enough to carry on its own. The more times that a woman goes out with it, the more the brand becomes visible to the public and reaches more potential consumers.

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