Tuesday 23 February 2016

Cream Silk Free Gift with Purchase – Limited Edition Pouch

Cream Silk is the brand that is trusted by a lot of women all over the Philippines in terms of innovative hair care products. It is one of Unilever’s “brands with a purpose” – a purpose to manufacture products that can beautify or enrich the way of living of so many. And – surprise, surprise! – they are doing it with a free gift with purchase.

When you buy a Cream Silk Standout Straight Conditioner, you also obtain a limited edition pouch which can be a great tiny purse or a pencil case or anything you can think of using it for.

Cream Silk Free Gift with Purchase – Limited Edition Pouch

2 Standout Perks of Free Gift with Purchase for Cream Silk
  1. Heightened Brand Awareness. From multiple TV commercials every day to stores nationwide, everyone knows what Cream Silk is all about. Yet, the awareness for this specific brand will be heightened effectively by the free gift with purchase, because of the simple fact that everyone also wants to have something that not everyone can have. You get the point?
  2. Additional Sales. This is already known as a great hair care brand, so once people find out that they can bring home two items instead of just one at a limited period of time only, they will become more inclined to make the purchase immediately. So, the company can count on additional sales, for sure.

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