Nestlé Bear Brand Gift with Purchase

Every month, you can always count on Nestlé to give away cool and useful free merchandise together with their various brands. In one of the grocery stores in the Philippines, we noticed this stack of Bear Brand powdered milk drinks which, for every purchase of 900 grams of it, the consumer gets a blue raincoat as a gift with purchase.

Nestlé Bear Brand Gift with Purchase

Benefits of Bear Brand Gift with Purchase
  • Functional. With the climate change raging on that makes the weather crazy, you cannot always predict anymore when it’s going to rain and when it’s going to be super hot. All the same, it’s great if you have a free raincoat that you can fold and stick in your bag whenever you go out.
  • Extra Sales. A lot of families choose to buy Bear Brand products because they are suitable for babies and adults alike. And now that there is a free gift with purchase that comes with a big bag of the powdered drink, the brand’s sales will be boosted even more.
  • Better Distinguishability. The raincoat has the Bear Brand logo on the left breast side, and this promotes better awareness for the brand.

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