Thursday 25 February 2016

Enervon Prime Mug - Gift with Purchase

Enervon Prime is a famous milk brand that is widely accepted as an energy booster for adults. This comes right from Unilab, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the Philippines.

Apart from the nutrients that the old folks achieve when they drink a glass of Enervon Prime each day, they obtain a free branded mug as well when they purchase a 400-gram pack of the brand’s chocolate milk food for adults at a reasonable price.

Enervon Prime Mug - Gift with Purchase
Enervon Prime Mug Benefits
  • High-Quality Material. This branded gift with purchase is thick and made of top-quality ceramic. It will not easily crack or break from heat and pressure. It adds value to the whole product.
  • Brand Visibility. It will be quite impossible to miss the brand logo in this free mug since, other than the brown vertical line near the brim, it is basically the only design you can find on the merchandise. This ensures that the Enervon Prime brand is the main thing that other people will see.
  • Increased Selling Power. If consumers have the purchasing power, the producers like this brand has the selling power that is increased by placing the brand name strategically on any product they sell or give away. In this case, the promotional merchandise does not look subpar at all, and has the name printed in big letters, which makes the brand viewed more easily.

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