Thursday 25 February 2016

Promotional Towel: Gift with Purchase by Penshoppe

Penshoppe, right from when it was conceived in 1986 by Global ABC, its mother company, has been one of the most followed brands for Filipinos. It has franchised now to other Asian Pacific countries as well, but the real pull that it has, aside from the high-quality and trendy merchandise, are the international models and celebrities that the brand has as its endorsers. And, if we are so honest about it, their gifts with purchase are true deal-breakers as well.

One particular example of such is the promo pack in the image below. With every small cologne is a face towel of color depending on the fragrance’s “flavor” – and it’s for free!

Gift with Purchase by Penshoppe
What Good Can This Bring to the Brand?
  • Spot-on Brand Placement. The free face towel incorporated to the package has the Penshoppe name sewn near the edge of the item. It may be a small detail, but it is simple and visible enough for people to see that the brands wants to maintain its subtlety and casualness.
  • Added Brand Value. Because the brand exhibits that it has the capability to give more than what it takes by means of promotional gift products, it makes it more valuable to consumers.
  • Greater Sales. Quality is mostly better than quantity, but if you can have both, then why not?
You still can’t decide on what gift with purchase you want to include in your own promo pack? Visit our blog or contact us at Marketing Gifts to catch more ideas on how you can get this done.

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