Wednesday 24 February 2016

Flashlight from Watsons’ Sureaid – Gift with Purchase

A complete set of first aid kit will be useless when the lights are out, and you cannot see the bruise or the wound you are trying to mend. You will then have no choice but to halt the first aid treatment that you are supposed to give to someone – and this is the worst. 

Flashlight from Watsons’ Sureaid – Gift with Purchase
To prevent this from happening, Watsons’ Sureaid has come up with the idea of adding a battery-operated flashlight to their first aid kit.

Flashlight from Watsons’ Sureaid – Gift with Purchase

Sales-Grabbing Facts about Sureaid’s Gift with Purchase
  • Almost Weightless. The free flashlight is small and does not weigh so much. The consumers will like that they can stash it in the medicine kit, or even in their purse. No one can say when you will need light, so a light source that is this handy is much needed.
  • Battery-operated. A battery-operated flashlight is more useful than a rechargeable one since everyone can pack several battery cells in their bag or pockets, and they won’t lose their energy until you actually attach them to the flashlight. However, a rechargeable flashlight will require electricity no less, so it won’t be valuable at all if there’s blackout.
  • Affordable. Who does not want to get some things at a cheaper rate? This kit with gift with purchase is a real and affordable merchandise that anyone can manage to pay for. Especially in the Philippines where money is a bit tight for the majority of families, it’s almost soothing for them to know that there are such products that they can get within their budget.

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