Monday 29 February 2016

Foodiggity Gift with Purchase – Gummy Bear Keychain

To all you tough folks whose weakness may come in the form of a chewy jelly in different colors or flavors that we lovingly call a Gummy Bear, yet you are so scared of the calories that this candy will surely add to your weight, isn’t it fulfilling (and tempting, no less) to have a huge, inedible replica of it by your bedside day and night? 

We just thought of it since we found that Foodiggity had a Gummy Bear Night Light in its online store previously, along with a matching free keychain. Too bad the promo ended on the 22nd of February, but it still does not seem half as bad to ponder on the good points of this gift with purchase, yes?

Foodiggity Gift with Purchase – Gummy Bear Keychain

  • Constant Brand Reminder. Gummy Bear needs no label or words. A person just need to get one look at the small bear, even if it is not to be eaten, and he or she will be reminded of the sweet treat that the brand creates.
  • Bigger Income for the Online Shop. As Foodiggity has set a one-day limit for this gift with purchase, die-hard fans of Gummy Bear will spread the word, and then more people will visit the website and make their acquisition.
  • More Loyalty to the Brand. The keychain giveaways may not always be available, but freebies are randomly given away by the brand. This should make customers more attentive and often on the lookout for new gifts with purchases.

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