Friday 26 February 2016

Nintendo NYC Grand Re-Opening Gift with Purchase

It is not every day that a store gets a second shot at serving the people who truly enjoy and appreciate their products. For this reason, it no longer comes as a surprise if one day you wake up and see that Nintendo NYC is comprising a Zelda or a Mario coin when you purchase a limited edition Nintendo NYC T-shirt. This is their simple yet effective promotional manner of saying, “Welcome to our shop!”

Nintendo NYC Grand Re-Opening Gift with Purchase

Why is Nintendo NYC’s Marketing Idea Copycat-Worthy?
  • Memorable AND Immeasurable In One Purchase. The merchandise commemorates the re-opening of this iconic store in New York, but the gift with purchase that comes with the limited edition shirt can bring immeasurable happiness to the fans of Zelda and Mario games, as they are timeless collectibles. If you do the same for your brand, you will forever be etched in people’s mind.
  • Guarantees Bigger Revenue. Nintendo NYC is clever enough to know beforehand that game fanatics may be willing to go toe to toe just to have a collectible gold coin, and they partnered it up with a limited edition shirt, which means if people do not act fast, stocks may run out on them. This almost guarantees that bigger revenue comes to the store at the end of the day.

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