Friday 26 February 2016

Gift with Purchase by Nestlé Chuckie - Free Lunch Box

Chuckie is more than just the hip cow that likes to skateboard and do other fun stuff on the carton box of a chocolate drink. The image of Chuckie reminds every kid and kid-at-heart of a yummy beverage that can be thirst-quenching at any time of the day at any given situation. This has been in circulation for years already under the Nestlé company.

The brand gives away different freebies occasionally. For their latest promo, kids can get a promotional lunch box that they can bring to school or play dates with their little friends.

Gift with Purchase by Nestlé Chuckie - Free Lunch Box

Other benefits of this gift with purchase include:

  • Extra Profits. It is typical for children to ask for a similar item that they have seen their friend using. If ever they see someone holding a new lunch box at school, more likely than not, they will go home asking their parents to buy the same lunch box that they can sport the next day at school or playground. This is advantageous for both the kid and the brand owner.
  • Increased Brand Visibility. Due to the fact that Chuckie is already a well-known brand in the market, more people will recognize it if they see a bigger image of it in the free lunch box. Hence, the brand becomes more visible to the crowd.
  • Practical Design. This gift with purchase is not meant to carry several plastic containers of food, but it is fit for holding a juice box, a fruit, and a sandwich. It has a front clasp as well to ensure that the items to be put inside it will not fall out.

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