Monday 1 February 2016

Gift With Purchase by Nivea at Watsons in the Philippines

Look at what’s fresh on the racks of Watsons in the Philippines: a pack containing two Nivea Extra Whitening Roll On and a handy and very free travel pouch where you can put your accoutrements into! Smelling good and not having dark underarms are in the top of women’s germ-free list, and a deal as good as this is hard to pass up. Not to mention, it is also the kind of marketing campaign you may want to bring together for your brand’s own success.

Gift With Purchase by Nivea at Watsons in the Philippines

Why Is Nivea’s New Promo Effective?

Boosts Transactions. Having two deodorants in one promotional pack, and a free gift with purchase, basically spells a total W-I-N for the company. To the customers’ eyes, it will be as if you are offering a necessity for them at a great price, and adding a considerate gift that they can often use.

Satisfies Consumers. The more items they can receive in one purchase, the better. It makes people feel satisfied when they know they got more than they expected.

Practical. The travel pouch that you get as a gift upon purchasing the products shows the thoughtfulness and ingenuity of the brand creator, as they know that ladies love the idea of being able to put all their knickknacks in one purse and not having to carry a lot of things. It’s practical; it reminds them to only bring the essentials. The design is very chic as well, with random things drawn in blue ink against the white backdrop. It’s light, small enough to be carried on its own or put in your luggage, and sturdy – what more can you ask for?

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