Tuesday 2 February 2016

Valentines Day Free Gift

Each year on the 14th February gifts are exchanged to declare and embrace feelings between one another. Though, as previous years have shown, this provides a perfect opportunity for brands and businesses to give back to their customers. Here is a brilliant example from US casino Fort McDowell.

Valentines Day Free Gift 
Membership holders have the opportunity to receive a free valentines bear flush toy when visiting the casino on the day of the 14th.

Why Valentines day offers the perfect opportunity for brands:
  • Give back! Holidays and special days provide a brilliant opportunity for brands to give back to their customers. This can aid with brand reputation and help increase awareness. 
  • Celebrate! Valentines enables businesses to celebrate and can create closer relationships with customers. 
  • Evolve product portfolio. Events provide a platform for brands to add to their product portfolio and enter markets that may not initially be expected from them 
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