Thursday 18 February 2016

Gift with Purchase for Traveling by LANCER

Have you ever wondered why a big portion of Hollywood celebrities and socialites seem to stop aging after they reach their 30s or 40s? It may be because of good genes or healthy habits, but it may also be because they are customers of Dr. Harold Lancer, a renowned celebrity dermatologist and the brain behind LANCER skin care products.

While looking for new LANCER merchandise, we found this seven-piece collection at that comes with a seemingly fancy pouch which, among all things, can be brought for traveling.
Gift with Purchase for Traveling by LANCER

How Can a Branded Pouch Bring Financial Gain to LANCER?
  • Attracts New and Returning Customers. When customers notice a freebie from a high-quality cosmetic brand, they expect that this free gift with purchase will be made of high-quality material as well that can stand the test of time. This is what attracts new and returning customers into purchasing the LANCER collection.
  • Invokes Usefulness. The branded pouch is for someone’s traveling essentials, but there is no law that states that it cannot be used for other things as well. It can be a lipstick bag, a makeup bag, or even a purse if the user feels like it.
  • Improves Brand Awareness. The pouch does not have any design in any part of it, except for the LANCER name at the bottom right. When people see it, their eyes will only go to the brand name. If it’s the first time they heard of it, they will want to know more about it and possibly go online to search for it. Then they will land on the LANCER website and online shop, and more profits are secured.

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