Friday 19 February 2016

Melvita Gift with Purchase - Pouch Bag

A brand that is known for nature-friendly merchandise is hard to come by in this age and time where almost everything has to be synthetically made. But if you come across one that mainly uses natural ingredients and cares for the welfare of the environment while not forgetting to give back to its customers in the form of gift(s) with purchase? Perhaps you are looking at Melvita.

Melvita Gift with Purchase - Pouch Bag

Melvita is a fine example of a brand that possesses the same characteristics mentioned above. Together with its Plumping Radiance Collection, which can be purchased at, is a cute pouch that can hold lady's beauty products any day.

Care to know why?

1. Great Design. The free pouch shows a smiling female whose flowers at the front of her bike seem to have a bee follower. It is pleasant to the eyes, especially to the girls' eyes, and can make someone think of cool summer. Very relaxing.

2. Functional. Aside from the cosmetic items that it will initially come with, Melvita's gift with purchase can also be brought as a smartphone or wallet holder. Or, it can be your personal travel kit. In other words, it is functional.

3. Additional Sales. The number of purchases will most likely level up, since you can get four Melvita products, as well as a free pouch, at a reasonable price. Quite a deal for consumers, really.

This is a well-planned marketing idea. Yet, there are so many other promotional strategies that can work for your brand as well, and you can find them if you visit our blog or contact us at Marketing Gifts.

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