Monday 22 February 2016

Promotional Idea: Tumbler + Hair Accessories for Little Girls

Do you have a little niece whose birthday is next week, but you still do not know what kind of gift you should wrap for her? You don’t have to kill more brain cells than necessary for it – she’s going to love whatever you give to her as long as it’s enclosed in a pretty paper. Nevertheless, if you want to get a thoughtful present for your niece, you can purchase this kid’s tumbler we found at a Puregold supermarket that has several noodle-like hairbands with it.

Promotional Idea: Tumbler + Hair Accessories for Little Girls

Other brands can get a promotional idea out of it because of the following reasons:
  • Suitable for Brand Placement. First of all, the tumbler itself is transparent. Any brand name or logo can be printed on it, and it will become very visible to anyone. Second of all, the hairbands, although they are tiny, can also be customized promotional products and have logos on them.
  • Cute Design and Packaging. The exterior packaging is like a double-door house or restaurant that has a wide “window” where kids can peek in and see the product inside. The hair accessories are colorful and fun-looking, and the tumbler is like a short-haired girl with a red hat for the lid. This is cuteness overload, and the target market – the little girls – can get hooked by it.
  • Functional. Most little girls like to play with other kids outside the house, and it will be a great help for their nannies or parents if they can have a tumbler for when the child feels thirsty, as well as hairbands to stop the kid’s hair from covering all of her face while playing. They are not complicated – just functional.

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