Monday 21 March 2016

Doogie’s Choice Gift with Purchase – Free Dog Collar

In this new age, dogs have proven to be more than just a man’s best friend. Some people allow their dogs to sleep in their bed; others go all out and buy matching designer clothes for. In other words, they are treated like a real and very special member of the family.

Obviously, dogs cannot use the same shampoo that we – humans – use, so Doogie’s Choice is there to supply the hair-care needs of our four-legged buddies. Apart from that, they have also incorporated a free dog collar with every purchase of a bottle of their product.

Doogie’s Choice Gift with Purchase – Free Dog Collar

Favorable Points of a Free Dog Collar
  • Advantageous for Consumers. The gift with purchase is advantageous for consumers because it means that they do not have to shed off more money for their pet’s new collar. The money saved can then be used for other things.
  • Fairly Priced. The product that goes with the free dog collar is very fairly priced that consumers can get two or three of them in one shopping, and it will take a huge portion of their monthly budget.
  • Bigger Brand Awareness. Doogie’s Choice is basically still a novice among the brands that cater to dogs, so freebies such as this promotional collar will immensely increase consumer’s awareness to the brand.

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