Friday 18 March 2016

Kellogg’s Free Belt – Gift with Purchase

There is no doubt in the youngsters and youngsters-at-hearts’ minds that Kellogg’s cereals are the best for breakfast. Just pour milk over it and, presto, your meal is ready. However, some people are guilty of over-indulging in this yummy breakfast treats. This is why as their gift with purchase, Kellogg’s is giving away a free fashionable red belt that doubles as a measuring tape, so that consumers who gaining a little around the middle can get back to shape before bikini season comes.

Kellogg’s Free Belt – Gift with Purchase
Gift with Purchase Advantages
  • Evident Practicality. How much does a good, thick belt cost these days? Oh, no need to research on that because with Kellogg’s, you get one for free! This gift with purchase is really practical, because every time a woman uses it, she can have an idea of what her waistline is, especially if she is inclined to go several inches down from her current size.
  • More Brand Value. Having an inkling about what consumers may need, like this free belt, makes a brand extra valuable. The brand owner knows that summer is not a long way away now, so they probably want to help prepare for it physically, in case they feel the need to do so.
  • Leaves Good Impression. The on-pack promotion only signifies that Kellogg’s is a thoughtful brand. They want to make profit, yes, but they still want their product to be taken in moderation. This leaves a great impression to the consumers.

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