Friday 18 March 2016

Nestlé Nido On-Pack Promotion: Lock & Lock Bottle

Some brands like to give away freebies that are a little “out of this world”, in a sense, because they are not what you would expect from them. But then, there are other brands like Nestlé Nido that are thinking more on the sensibility and practicality of their on-pack promotion rather than rarity. One model for that is the Lock& Lock bottle gift with purchase that you can check out below.

Nestlé Nido On-Pack Promotion: Lock & Lock Bottle
What’s More from a Branded Gift with Purchase?
  1. More Sales. Shoppers from any nation definitely are more attracted to products that are incorporated with branded gift with purchase that they believe they can use for a long time. This is a Lock & lock bottle, so consumers are aware that it will not be good for one usage only. Therefore, more sales will pour towards Nestlé.
  2. More Brand Consciousness. The free bottle allows more people to know not just about Nestlé, but also Lock & Lock, so two brands will benefit from this marketing idea.
  3. More Consumer Faithfulness. Consumers put their faith more on brands that like to have free stuff set for them. This act of gratitude is mirrored unequivocally by the shoppers by buying more of the brand’s products.

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