Thursday 17 March 2016

Nestlé Milo Free Tumbler – Gift with Purchase

Nestlé Milo is the chocolate drink for the champions, as what’s evident on every TV commercial they have, which mostly feature a lot of young and successful athletes in different sports in the Philippines. This is quite an effective strategy, as many kids do drink it every day before heading off to school or playground. Now, with the new Milo gift with purchase in the form of a good-sized free tumbler, this energizing drink can already be brought anywhere!

Nestlé Milo Free Tumbler – Gift with Purchase

Brand Benefits from a Free Tumbler
  1. Name Recognition. When consumers see this gift with purchase, they will know immediately that this is a product from one of Nestlé’s trusted brands. People will recognize this name at any time, so this is a win for the Milo.
  2. Consumer Loyalty. The design of the free tumbler is not going to be an eye-sore. On the contrary, perhaps more consumers will like it because the color scheme and the designs they used on the tumbler makes it suitable for any gender. More kids will want one, and consumer loyalty will therefore soar high.
  3. Profit Increase. Everything goes down to the fact that once the brand name is known, and shoppers are leaning towards a great merchandise and a highly useful marketing product, the company will see an effective increase in their profits.

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