Thursday 17 March 2016

Free Glass Jar from Naturals Stevia

Refined sugars are out; natural sugars are in. Specifically, Naturals Stevia sweetener by Equal, which is made out of the leaves of the stevia plant, a known sugar substitute. Using this instead of regular sugar can prove to be quite inexpensive, because you only need a very small amount of it to sweeten your tea or coffee, and less fattening, because it contains zero calories. Other than that, it is also great that the brand is adding a Luminarc glass jar as a promo within the pack.

Free Glass Jar from Naturals Stevia

Some of the perks of this promotional idea are:
  • Interesting Brand Connection. It is great that Naturals Stevia has thought of a clear glass jar as their gift with purchase, when they can have another jar of any color, because their choice will show the clarity of their product when already poured inside it.
  • High-Quality Merchandise. We have seen the free glass jar out of the box, and it was made out of thick and heavy glass. The lid is snugly fit on the mouth of the jar, making sure that no foreign particles can get in it when stored in the cupboard. Very high-quality.
  • Very Useful. If it so happens that consumers already have a similar jar that they use for the same sweetener, this glass jar can also be a container for little things like buttons, pins, pens, lip glosses, or even pieces of paper about your day, which seems to be the modern kind of diary.

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