Wednesday 16 March 2016

Branded Red Mug from Nestlé Nescafe Classic

Who among you can ever forget the classic red mug from Nestlé Nescafe? It must be a little impossible to happen if you drink coffee and you get your own groceries, because this mug is in every packet and glass container of the said brand. For 2016, however, they sort of remodeled it and put the brand name vertically while keeping the signature red color. This is given away as an on-pack promo in all stores nationwide.
Branded Red Mug from Nestlé Nescafe Classic

What are the Advantages of this Marketing Giveaway?
  1. On-Point Brand Placement. The brand name is placed perfectly on the body of the promotional mug to a fault. There will be no doubt in anyone’s mind that this item is from Nescafe, which is great for the brand since there will be name recall when they see it.
  2. Desirable for People. As much as the red mug is widely seen in almost all Nescafe packages, they do not make it readily available every month. This is the reason why when this gift with purchase comes out, people make sure that they have a chance to grab it.
  3. Bigger Yields. In conjunction to the second one, of course, bigger yields will come knocking at the company’s doorstep sooner than later.

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