Tuesday 15 March 2016

Gift with Purchase: Maggi Magic Kitchen Towel

Maggi is a forerunner when it comes to developing cooking solutions that can make a regular everyday meal even richer and tastier since 1872. What they cannot avoid are the little messes that can occur in the kitchen, but it does not matter as much now as their new gift with purchase is a kitchen towel that chefs and mothers at home can use readily to clean up their workplace after creating their scrumptious masterpiece.

Gift with Purchase: Maggi Magic Kitchen Towel

Why is this Gift with Purchase Important for Maggi?
  • Bring in More Revenue. Promotional items such as this free kitchen towel attracts more customers that actually consist more of parents who do the cooking at home. Maggi products are well-loved anyway, but this promo will make things better for the brand.
  • Demonstrate Brand Capability. Not all brands are capable of having gift with purchase to promote their brand. It is not because they do not have funds for it; it is just that they probably give more importance to the cash. While Maggi doubtlessly welcomes more revenue as well, they are not afraid to give freebies from time to time.
  • Make Brand Extra Valuable. When you want to make the brand known to more people, it will not hurt to do it through gift with purchase, just like what Maggi has done with this. It enhances the brand’s value.

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