Monday 28 March 2016

Garnier Free Lemon Pouch – Gift with Purchase

Summer has officially began not too long ago in most Asian countries, and boy, if it isn’t hot, hot, hot! Tourism booms, there are less wet days, but there certainly are bigger risks of someone’s face being toasted or very oily after staying so much under the sun. No one wants a sunburnt face, for sure, that’s why the Summer Fresh Kit of Garnier came out just in time for this sunshiny season, with a bonus of a limited edition of free lemon pouch for light use.

Garnier Free Lemon Pouch – Gift with Purchase

Here are our two cents about the excellence of such a gift with purchase:
  1. Higher Income. Garnier is a premium brand that has products within the price range that even ordinary wage earners can afford. Nevertheless, consumers readily assume that any marketing product that comes from them are also as high-quality as their paid items, so they buy stuff more easily. Higher income, therefore, ensues.
  2. Higher Brand Support. The brand does not always have freebies for on-pack promotion, but when there is, they make sure that this is going to be reusable and pleasing to everyone’s eyes. More importantly, consumers do see that, that’s why the free pouch is a unique way of guaranteeing higher brand support.

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