Free Fluffy Keychain from Surf

Surf Fabcon is all the rage right now among mothers in the Philippines, especially because of its products’ affordability, as well as the fun commercials that they show in different TV stations in between series breaks. And in some of those advertisements, there are swooshing pink fluffy things they call ‘bloomies’ that make the clothes more fragrant. Though the brand cannot make them bloom into reality, they can make stuffed versions of these things and turn them into cute keychains that can accessorize any kind of bag.

Free Fluffy Keychain from Surf

Fluffy Benefits of Free Keychain
  • Excellent Brand Consciousness. The bloomies are so visible in the said country during these times that perhaps even those who do not use the brand but watch TV can easily recognize them. Therefore, the gift with purchase is apt for spreading more consciousness towards the brand.
  • Better Brand Reputation. No one can probably imagine this free keychain coming with Surf merchandise, so the surprise factor will do good for the brand. More likely than not, it will uplift the brand’s reputation and make it even more fragrant to consumers.

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