Tuesday 29 March 2016

Robinsons Promotional Gift Bag

In the past few weeks, we have featured some gift with purchase products in our blog from big companies like Nestlé and Maggi. There are kitchen towels, branded mugs, and other marketing items that have captured the interest of local consumers, old and new. Now, the last time we went to Robinsons supermarket, we saw this promotional gift bag that contains practically one of everything from the said companies.

Robinsons Promotional Gift Bag

Why is it a Great Marketing Technique?
  1. A Time-Saver for Consumers. How often can you find all the products you may need to sate your family’s food and beverage cravings in one promotional gift bag? You know the answer: not too often. Probably once in a blue moon, right? That’s why this marketing idea is a time-saver for consumers.
  2. Extra Useful. The ‘hybrid’ bag – plastic + cloth materials – serves as the on-pack promotion here, and it is extra useful specifically now that we in Asia have already welcomed the summer season. Its leaf pattern design makes it a great beach bag to carry your essentials, or even use it as a picnic bag.
  3. Higher Customer Loyalty. More customers will shop at Robinsons because they are shown such nice clusters of products that can be consumed daily, and with the addition of a free tote bag. This builds up customer loyalty even more.

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