Wednesday 30 March 2016

Free Soup Bowl – Knorr Gift with Purchase

When you just got off work and you are too exhausted to think up a very healthy dinner for yourself, having a nice soup that you can heat up in just a few minutes, ready to eat, can never fail your growling stomach. The Crab and Corn soup from Knorr is very filling, and it is more satisfying when it is served in the free soup bowl from the same brand.

Free Soup Bowl – Knorr Gift with Purchase

This gift with purchase can lead to:
  1. Better Sales. There are individuals out there who like to collect gift with purchase like this that can be used for other occasions that will be held at home, since getting this is cheaper than buying sets of bowls from the store. So, it is very likely that better sales will be welcomed by the brand sooner than later.
  2. Bigger Audience. A lot of people look up to Knorr if they want quick ways to add flavors to food or get ready-to-cook items, like the soup that comes with the free soup bowl. But when they see that the bowl is of fine quality, and that they will save more money if they grab this deal, they will go for it and mention it to friends and family as well. Then, bigger audience can be expected.
  3. More Brand Acknowledgement. The on-pack promotion overall provides great purchasing experience for the consumers. The brand therefore gets more acknowledgement from people, then more sales will come, and so on.

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