Wednesday 30 March 2016

Branded Pouch – Gift with Purchase from Dove

Women and men from various parts of the globe love Dove, a brand created by Unilever around 1950s. Is it because of the silky hair and fairer skin that the brand promises? Or is it because of the affordability of the Dove products, that even struggling people money-wise can meet the expense of it? While all of that factor in to the marketing charm of Dove, the company still does not seem to find it exaggerating to add branded gifts to their merchandise once in a while.

Branded Pouch – Gift with Purchase from Dove

Branded Pouch Benefits for Dove
  • More Consumers Want It. Yes, they do want it, and that’s because it is a classy gift with purchase from a brand that is one of the most trusted in the whole wide world. It will make a great cosmetic bag or regular pouch. Either way, based on the quality materials used for it, it will take a while before it gets worn out.
  • Profit Rises. The branded pouch is one awesome gift already, but there is also this opportunity to enter Dove’s getaway promo to an exotic island in the Philippines that will definitely add to the marketability of this brand. Therefore, the profits will effectively increase.
  • Brand Upholds Its Status. Dove does not disappoint – that’s for sure. By constantly having on-pack promotion ready for their consumers, the brand upholds its status and position among its peers.

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