Thursday 31 March 2016

Promotional Notebook from JUICY Cologne

Colognes are very convenient for teenagers who are too young to wear perfume, but too old to be unmindful of how they smell. They are usually packed in plastic bottles which are as big as the palms of your hand, and their lids make sure that there will not be any spill in case the youngsters have decided to stash them in their bags.

JUICY Cologne is one of the famous local brands in the Philippines. As a gift with purchase, the company has added a promotional notebook with their fragrant merchandise.

Promotional Notebook from JUICY Cologne

It is an imaginative strategy because:
  1. They marked their target market. It is quite obvious that the cologne brand knows well which members of the community will patronize their products, based on their gift with purchase. Adult women have little use for it, but girls who are still in puberty or have barely passed it will find it useful when taking notes at school or using it as a mini diary.
  2. More sales will come. In the supermarket where we have seen this, only a few items are left. That indicates that the promotional notebook has done good for JUICY, more sales have already come to the brand, and it can increase as soon as they replenish the stocks in the market.
  3. The brand will shine out. Brands that have on-pack promotion are always more celebrated than the ones that do not have such things, that’s why this particular brand will surely shine out and become more known to people.

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