Thursday 31 March 2016

Glucerna SR Branded Tumbler – Gift with Purchase

Having diabetes is not the end of the world yet, if it is stabilized. Fortunately, there are nutritional drinks like Glucerna SR of the Abbott company that does the job in managing the problem. It also does not offend anyone if their trial pack comes with a large branded tumbler as their idea for a gift with purchase.

Glucerna SR Branded Tumbler – Gift with Purchase

Healthy GWP Incentives for Glucerna SR
  • Positive Customer Feedback. Glucerna SR has better chances of getting positive customer feedback because the brand is not giving away gift with purchase items that are made from cheap materials. We have seen this firsthand, and it really seems hard-wearing, and the lid is tight on the mouth of the tumbler.
  • Increased Deals. Because of the nice presentation, increase in deals can be expected from interested consumers who are in search for a beverage that can added to the list of things that they can drink.
  • Better Brand Awareness. Assuming that greater sales will indeed happen for Glucerna SR, more branded tumbler will be out in public, and more people will become aware of its existence. Therefore, the awareness of potential consumers about the brand will widen.

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