Friday 1 April 2016

Gift with Purchase at Ulta – Branded Key Ring

The online shop of Ulta is as amazing as its physical stores, if not even more, because of the different free items that are available for those who purchase certain products of a certain brand at a certain price. A gift with purchase galore from the best brands, that’s what they have in the bag for their customers.

An example of this is the branded key ring which goes with every purchase of a large Jean Paul Gaultier perfume for men.

Gift with Purchase at Ulta – Branded Key Ring

It indeed is thoughtful of such brands to give freebies, but what do they get in return for it?
  • Lots of Customers. Ulta is popular, especially in the US, and so a lot of people can easily get wind of their promo gifts. These people will definitely not be hush about it and discuss it with their gal pals, who will also mention it to their other friends, and so on. That’s the power of the word of mouth, and that’s what brings a lot of customers in the online shop.
  • Growth in Sales. If it’s makeup, fragrance and hair products, it is almost impossible for women, and sometimes men, to come out empty-handed. Then it is not hard to guess that the sales can only go nowhere but up.
  • Pronounced Brand Consciousness. The branded key ring is only one of the many gift with purchase items that you can find in Ulta’s online store, and their presence there broadens the brand consciousness of so many.

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