Monday 4 April 2016

Free Cloth Bag from UCC Class One

Want to warm up your insides before facing the new day? It can best be done by making yourself a cup of UCC Class One instant coffee – one of the finest in the world which originated from the Land of the Rising Sun. Not only that – the brand has also attached a free cloth bag to every glass jar of UCC coffee that can be used for a lot of activities.

Free Cloth Bag from UCC Class One

This is a great gift with purchase because it is:
  1. Practical. The on-pack promotion is practical because if it’s not being used, it can be folded until it is as small as a lengthwise paper. Therefore, it can be stashed anywhere.
  2. Suitable for Brand Placement. Where do you usually see someone holding a cloth bag? They are not for office jobs, so they can either be brought to the beach, organic market, or supermarket. Nonetheless, more people can see the item and the brand, so it’s great advertisement for the brand.
  3. Excellent at Enhancing Brand Significance. If the brand is not as well known as the others, put your trust on a gift with purchase, and your brand will have its significance enhanced in no time. This is what UCC is doing with this one.

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