Monday 4 April 2016

On-Pack Promotion by Speed: Free Detergent Organizer

Detergent organizers are conveniently used by laundresses and housewives in the Philippines where most people still find it more reasonable to buy clothes-washing products in sachets rather than in bottles. In their opinion, at least they know not to exceed the amount of products in every laundry without the need of measuring cup when they use them from little plastic packets.

This ideology is what Speed is banking on, as their on-pack promotion is a free detergent organizer that has enough room for 20 or so sachets of detergent, fabric conditioner, and even clothespins, if need be.

On-Pack Promotion by Speed: Free Detergent Organizer

Consumers’ Advantages from this Gift with Purchase
  1. Sturdiness. The sturdiness of the free detergent organizer from Speed allows consumers to not purchase a new one even after some time. This can cut back on the family’s budget effectively, and the money saved can be added to food allowance and other stuff.
  2. On-the-go. This on-pack promotion has handles, which means that it can be on-the-go anytime. This is useful for when mothers have to wash the clothes in another part of the house, or another part of the town, in case there’s a problem with the water circulation (a possibility in the said country).
  3. Brand Consciousness. This heightens the consciousness of consumers about the brand, because they experience firsthand the capability of the said brand to think of ways to make their target audience’s lives easier.

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