Tuesday 5 April 2016

Marketing Product from Clinique – Branded Cosmetic Case

One of the perks that consumers get from online shopping is that they have better odds of getting things they never realized they want and need until they are presented with them for free. This branded cosmetic case, for example, is a great marketing product from Clinique, which can be gotten from Sephora, together with the cheek pop from the same brand.

Meanwhile, what perks can Clinique get from it?

Marketing Product from Clinique – Branded Cosmetic Case

  1. Maintain the Brand Significance. The brand is famous for high-end cosmetics, perfume and skincare products, and they all make Clinique significant. Branded cosmetic case and other free stuff, on the other hand, maintain and perhaps even increase its value in the market.
  2. Increase Product Affordability. Clinique is not what most will think through as a 'drugstore' or an affordable brand. Yet, due to the gift with purchase that is basically bigger in size than the actual merchandise that has to be purchased, some may be able to overlook their first impression about the brand and buy something from it anyway.

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